30 September, 2011

It's a bit warmer here, in case you haven't heard...

A little fun comparison. I'm really glad I missed the super hot weather of the summer months. It's actually pretty nice here right now, but a little toasty at times.

I've gotten some queries from the States about what I'm up to design wise. I'm working on a branding project, it's nice to be designing for REAL things now!! And yes, I still use the Adobe programs, though I miss my mac at work. Most everything computer wise is the same as in the US, programs, internet usage (people have facebook here too), the only thing I've found that's different on the internet is that some sites aren't available in India that I use in the US (pandora, hulu, netflix for a few examples aren't available). If my coworkers read this, they're pretty nice people :)

Sometimes in conversations I have found that pronunciations of the same words are so different the other person and I are confused because we think we're talking about two different things. For instance,  one of my coworkers went out for lunch and she said she had "pizzah" (the 'i' pronounced like the i in 'fish') and then she asked if I had ever had it. I thought she was talking about some sort of Indian food and asked her what it was. She was then confused because she knew I had to have eaten it, and then we finally figured it out that our pronunciations of "pizza" were different. In the US we say it like "peetsah." So that was a funny moment today.

I'm finding that sometimes jokes are lost in accent translation. Since Indian and American English accents are so different, just understanding each other can be a challenge, let alone picking out humor. So, sometimes I will try to say a joke (probably cracking a "pj," "poor joke" if anyone remembers a former post....haha, anyway) and the other person won't understand that I'm joking so I have to tell them I'm joking. I forget sarcasm isn't easy to pick up if it's hard to understand what a person is saying, which I've experienced as well. And, like I said in a previous post, since people will switch between English and Hindi often in conversations (or English and another language), I really have to be paying attention to catch what people are saying, but I think I can tell that it's already gotten much easier for me to understand people's accents since I first arrived.


  1. Interesting weather comparison ;) However, people here in India, are comfortable with weather temperatures in Centigrade (rather than Fahrenheit, although human body temperature is conventionally followed up in Fahrenheit :P)

    I see you getting comfortable here which is good, hope you have fun :)

  2. We have three types of weather here,1) Hot, 2) Hotter , 3) Hottest :)

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