15 September, 2011

Arrival in Hyderabad

Chicago O'Hare Airport - 1st Flight Connection

My first leg of my flight to India. Being my first time abroad, I was both nervous and excited for the flight. I thought this was a really pretty in this section of the airport.

Flying Over Frankfurt, Germany - 2nd Flight Connection
I noticed quite a few soccer (futbol) fields over Germany, as well as windmill power, which I thought was pretty cool.

I was really excited about landing in Germany initially, but I nearly missed my connection to Hyderabad at Frankfurt. I only had a 1 hour layover, and by the time I exited the plane and made it into the airport, plane was a huge 777, with 9 seats across, had only about 30 minutes to spare. So I checked the gate on the board right away, which had changed, then on my way to the gate, realized I had to go through security again. Along with several others in the long security line, I had little time to spare before my connection departure. At 10:55 am (my flight departure time as well) I finally frantically made it through security and ran to the gate, just barely making the connection.

Luggage Ticket

My Room in the Hostel - Hyderabad, India

In the hostel the language Telugu is mostly spoken, but the woman that runs the hostel speaks English. Even understanding English speakers will take time to adjust to the accent and different slang. My pronunciation of Indian words, names, and places with also take time to learn.

Window View From my Room

Driving in India is much different than in America. Many people hire drivers, take autos (mini cabs with open sides), or drive mopeds around. Don't freak out mom and dad, but I've ridden in all three. People drive on the left side of the road, and sit on the right side of the car. I took my first auto tonight, called a sharing auto because you pay per seat and it's cheaper. Sharing autos have a route they follow, and multiple passengers ride in them. Otherwise, with an auto, you must specify where you want to go and negotiate the price before you get into the car. Common practice is to bargain starting at half the given price of the ride. The horn is used as much as the gas pedal and the break while driving. I can see why transportation would pose a greater threat than malaria, as I haven't really had a lot of trouble with mosquitos so far.
My Shower (sometimes water pressure varies)

My Toilet (Indians don't use toilet paper, so that is something I will be purchasing myself)

My Sink

Indian Bread and Peanut Butter!

I know many people were concerned I wouldn't find peanut butter in India, but alas! There are many American products in stores with familiar brand names, but I'm finding many foods and drinks are prepared differently here. Such as milk, which I didn't realize would be served hot, and coffee and tea are a little different as well. Sliced bread in bags is not sold in the same way here as in the US. I'm also trying to learn more of the common food names here to know what to order. I know I like Chipoti (spelling?) a wheat flour rolled like a tortilla, with a potato mixture called Sprout. I also tried buttered corn from a stand which was very good. The staff in the hostel know to serve me non-spicy vegetarian foods, and only bottled water. I may eat more spicy foods and be a little more adventurous with what I eat once I am here a little longer and have time to acclimate.

I went Indian clothes shopping tonight, to buy salwar kameez (a knee length shirt is the kameez and salwar is the pants), also known as kurties (kurta are men's shirts). Women's clothes have very beautiful  patterns in various bright colors, all made out of lightweight fabrics. I also want to buy fabric to have a garment tailor made, which is very common practice here. Hyderabad is known for their pearls, so I am looking forward to pearl shopping.


  1. Thank you for posting a blog with neat photos. I'm so happy for you that you are enjoying your new adventure! God's blessings to you on the remainder!

    Julie Wegner

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